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Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
made an inspiring film about the adventure. >>> and right after the break, five educators in hot water tonight after a teacher, student, sex scandal rocks a suburban high school. >>> the curiosity rover up there on mars will get to try out its scoop over the weekend. this is an animation of how the spacecraft touched wn on mars. this happened back in august. now, that rover is on a mission to scoop up martian sand and figure out what it's made of. nasa experts say the sand will serve as a mouthwash for the rover to clean the hardware. all this scooping and washing gets going on saturday. well a teacher, student sex scandal is rocking one community. three male teachers at a camden county new jersey high school are accused of having sex with students. investigators say the principal and vice principal work to protect those people instead of the students. the prosecutor says the relationships grew out of social media as well as interactions outside of school. >> we uncovered evidence of exchanges of sexually explicit text messages during instructional periods. and a trip to the shore invo
Oct 1, 2012 7:00pm EDT
everything. >> reporter: and paul hertel. they're curiosity grew into activism. they educated themselves about coal-fired plants and emissions and then commissioned three studies. one of the most important studies the two commissioned was from a local scientists who disproved what the company was saying about something called downwash. instead of pollutant particles going up into the atmosphere the scientists found they were actually coming down into the neighborhood. >> it proved that more than 1,200 hours a year this plant was emitting sulfur dioxide beyond the national standards. >> reporter: the downwash was due in part to the short stacks required because the plant is in the flight path of national airport. a penn state study matched the company's coal to that gray residue and a harvard study connected residents' health problems to pollutants spewed out by the plant. >> we can all take a deep breath. >> reporter: but until the last 15,000 tons of coal is gone elizabeth chimento will be keeping track. peggy fox, 9 news now. >> clean-up at the plant will take up to 18 month
Oct 4, 2012 7:00pm EDT
third floor. we had a man jumping from the is educational background -- from the second floor. >> okay, you had one that jumped? >> yes, sir. >> how is that person doing? >> i cannot reveal their condition, but they have been transported. >> we also heard that one firefighter was injured, is that correct? >> yes, that's affirmative, but he should be fine. >> do we know what may have started it had? >> no, we don't know what started it. the fire will be under investigation. all of our members who do spawn, they did an extremely good job and i want to congratulation them for the work that they have done. >> reporter: talk a little bit about the fire response. we understand that this went to a second alarm, which means an extra set of fire engines were called out. is that correct? >> yes. that is the precautionary on my part. i was concerned about the fire extending down to the units. as it turned out, it was not necessary. just a precaution. >> chief, is it normal or protocol for you to come out to these fires? i'm just wondering what you're doing here today at this fire. >> i'm
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3